Frederic Heringes

Santa Barbara, CA   Currently, as of 08/01/22
Gary, IN
Fargo, ND

Brutal Massacre, A Comedy
Intimate Semaphores: Cake
The Scoundrel
Bye Bye Burger (NYU)
The Flying Scissors

The Guiding Light
As The World Turns
NOVA The Fabric of the Cosmos 

Under-5s  (4 episodes) CBS
Under-5   (2 episodes) CBS
Under-5  PBS (WGBH)

THEATRE (selected)
Murder on the Orient Express (2021)       Hercule Poirot                       Sierra Repertory Theatre, CA / Jerry Lee
The Phantom of the Opera                        Ubaldo Piangi                       Broadway, Toronto, San Francisco / Harold Prince
Million Dollar Quartet (2018-19)             Sam Phillips                          Mountain Playhouse, PA / Larry Tobias
Candide                                                     Spanish Don/Ensemble         Houston Grand Opera, TX / Harold Prince
The Tempest                                              Alonso/Juno                           Sonnet Repertory Theatre, NYC / Neal Freeman   
Twelfth Night                                             Malvolio                                Mountain Playhouse, PA / Guy Stroman               
The Learned Ladies (Moliere)                  Ariste                                     Gallery Players, Brooklyn, NY / Neal Freeman        
The Crucible                                             Reverend Parris                     Gallery Players, Brooklyn, NY / Heather Curran
Trewawny of the"Wells" (Pinero)             Mr. Ablett/Capt. De Phoenix  PCPA, CA / Bruce Sevy
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest            Scanlon                                  PCPA, CA / Donovan Marley
A Midsummer Night's Dream                   Snug / Fairy                           PCPA Solvang Theatrefest, CA / Laird Williamson
Much Ado About Nothing                         Watchman/Musician              PCPA Solvang Theatrefest, CA / Michael Liebert           
Lend Me a Tenor                                       Saunders                                Mountain Playhouse, PA / Tom Schaller
A Comedy of Tenors (2017)                      Tito/ Beppo                            Mountain Playhouse, PA / Chan Harris
​Moon Over the Brewery (2017)                Warren                                   Mountain Playhouse, PA / Larry Tobias
The Affections of May (2018)                   Hank                                       Mountain Playhouse, PA / Guy Stroman
5/31/1889 -The Flood (2019)                   Viktor Hoffmann                    Mountain Playhouse, PA / Guy Stroman
One Golden Moment (Premiere)              Nikos                                      Mountain Playhouse, PA / Chan Harris
Disneys' Beauty and the Beast                  Cogsworth                              Mountain Playhouse, PA / Chan Harris
The Mikado (Gilbert & Sullivan)             Ko-Ko                                     Chautauqua Opera, NY / Dorothy Danner
Die Fledermaus (2017)                            Frosch                                     Fargo/Moorhead Opera / Eric Gibson
The Merry Widow                                     Baron Zeta                              Anchorage Opera, AK/ David Armstrong
Musical Instruments   Piano, recorder.     

Special Skills   Operatic tenor

Height: 5' 7"  Weight: 180 lbs.   Eyes: Green     Hair: Brown w/ Gray

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Murder on the Orient Express (2021)
with Martin Landry in A Comedy of Tenors (2017)
with Martin Landry in Who's Under Where?
Stevan Mena, Director
T. J. Misny
Mark Thiedeman 
Mike Sobo
Jonah Tulis

Brian Mertes, Tracey Bryggman
Christopher Goutman, Habib Azar
Graham Judd

Photo by Ron Bruner
Photo by Michael Blagys
Photo by Chan Harris
Photo by Joan Marcus

with Julie Schmidt in The Phantom of the Opera
Broadway Production
Photo by Kyle Bondeson, Chicago

Valere from La Bête by David Hirson

Antigonus from Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale
As Saunders with Mary Ehlinger in Lend Me a Tenor

Frederic Heringes made his Broadway debut in 1993 as a principal actor in 
The Phantom of the Opera

He studied acting and stage directing at 
The Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts (PCPA) in California.  

His performance experience pretty much covers all the performing disciplines, 
except classical ballet (you don’t want to see that…): 
grand opera, operetta, musical theatre, theatre, film, and television.  

He continues to act professionally at regional theater companies across the US; most notably for 8 seasons at The Mountain Playhouse (PA), and in 2021 at the Sierra Repertory Theatre in California, appearing as Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express.  

He has recently come to the conclusion that he is 
most certainly turning into the reincarnation of Gabby Hayes.

Pictured with long-time companion Benjamin Beaver
Horace Vandergelder from The Matchmaker (T. Wilder, adapted by Michael Stewart) and Emmanuel Lehman from The Lehman Trilogy by Stefano Massini.

with Lucy Thrasher in East or Home, West is Best
As Alonso with Melissa Miller and Mathew Conlon in The Tempest
Sonnet Theatre, NYC.    Directed by Neal J. Freeman.
with Patrick Toon and Laura Heidinger in Moliere's The Learnéd Ladies, 
Gallery Players, Brooklyn, NY   Directed by Neal J. Freeman
with Charles Pasternak, Melinda Parrett, Gabrielle Smith,
 & Courtney Glass.
Photo by Kyle Bondeson, Chicago
As Beppo in A Comedy of Tenors
As Tito with Ashley Puckett Gonzales as Maria in
A Comedy of Tenors
Reverend Parris in The Crucible
Nikos in One Golden Moment
Malvolio in Twelfth Night
As Sam Phillips with Sarah Sawyer as Dyanne and Kyle Jurassic as Elvis Presley in
Million Dollar Quartet
Trailer for Murder on the Orient Express at
Sierra Repertory Theater, October-November 2021
Trailer for A Comedy of Tenors 
at The Mountain Playhouse, July 2017
A short film of the "Letter Scene": Malvolio from Twelfth Night
Gifford in Bye Bye Burger